Jobsite Safety Meeting with Walk Around Inspection


An essential part of any safety program is holding safety meetings. The Jobsite Safety Meeting form is designed to be used at the project location and provides a check off list for a walk around inspection.

One Page, Size 8.5” x 11”




Date, Location
OSHA Toolbox Talk, Topic
Job Safety Analysis
* Potential Hazards, PPE Needed
* Safe Job Procedure
* Citation Review
Walk Around Safety Inspection
* Trailers – Cargo, Dump, Other
* Equipment -17 tools & 7other tools
* Safety – Safety Manual, First Aid Kit, Eye Wash, Fire Extinguisher, Fall Protection, PPE
Battery Packs Charged, Flammables and Combustibles Stored Properly
Safety Supplies Needed
Equipment Needing to be Repaired or Replaced
Review and Evaluation of Walk Around Safety Inspection and Accident Investigations Since Last Safety Meeting

One Page, Size 8.5” x 11”

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Jobsite Safety Meeting with Walk Around Inspection