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Hi! My name is Brigette, the creator of FieldFormsOnline.com. My mission is to help contractors run their business more efficiently. I have a solution that will be useful in helping you to manage your business better.

I have a business management background and throughout my career I have focused on supporting contractors. Through the years I have helped painters, electricians, landscapers, land developers, new home builders, and remodelers and more to grow their companies. I’ve grown to understand the residential construction industry through job site visits and meeting with homeowners, subcontractors, and inspectors. Working behind the scenes, I’ve developed projects from conception and have seen them through to completion, from meeting with the city for plan approvals to closing permits.

The project management and estimating forms consolidate basic information into a single sheet of paper with an organized layout. These forms will help you gather details so when it is time to write the estimate you won’t need to second guess or call the owner back. 

FieldFormsOnline.com’s Project Management forms and Estimating forms are for small construction companies. Get started with the Contractor pack which has the Client Information form and nine of the most popular estimating forms. Take your organizing to another level with a Planning Guide and a Project Expense Sheet. While you are here, you might find the articles interesting.

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We would like to answer your questions. You may send a message to us at or call us at 360-918-8497. We strive to return messages within 24 hours.

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